In court for gun theft

By Staff Reporter

A 19-year-old man, who appeared at the Bindura Magistrates’ Court on Monday facing charges
of stealing a gun belonging to a BirdCock Security director, escaped jail by a whisker.
After being initially sentenced to 18 months behind bars, Regimia Muchenje, saw his sentence
reduced to 420 hours of community service at Muchapondwa Primary School in Bindura.
For the State, Nyasha Mhonda, told the court that Regimia Muchenje of Gwerere Village under
Chief Musana, unlawfully entered Fungai Chitayi’s house, which was closed but unlocked in
Chiwaridzo 2 recently.
He went on to steal an SQ mobile phone, gun cabinet keys, a black earpiece and a maroon cap
from the wardrobe.
He also took a firearm, a ROHM 22 millimeter revolver, which was secured in the gun cabinet
and made good his escape.
Chitayi discovered the offence upon his arrival from work after seeing the convict wearing his
cargo cap and armed with the 22mm revolver.
He approached him intending to know where he had found the two items only to be told that it
was none of his business.
He then asked for back up from Joseph Matewo, a builder in the same community, who then
helped him to apprehend Muchenje as well as to disarm him.
Magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura sentenced him to 18 months in jail before suspending six for
five years on condition that Muchenje does not commit a similar offence.
The remaining twelve months were further suspended on condition that Muchenje performs and
complete 420 hours of community service at Muchapondwa Primary School from 01 December.

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