Rare Diamond Network set to transform communities

Tongai Mashonga


KWEKWE — The prevalence of drug and substance abuse is now rampant among young people in
Kwekwe, prompting a local pastor Lionel Dangarembizi and his wife Winfield to start Rare Diamond
Network organisation to help mitigate the problem.
Zimbabwe is grappling with a sudden increase in drug abuse among the youths. The Dangarembizi
family came up with a start-up organisation to try and curtail the ravaging drug and substance abuse
prevalence in Kwekwe.
Pastor Lionel Dangarembizi said they started the initiative as a response to the drug situation
ravaging the youths especially crystal meth (mutoriro).
;We noticed there was a trend in and around Kwekwe that our youths were being driven towards
drugs. Even in our church, we have seen youths that are using drugs that is why my wife and I
decided to form this organisation.
Remember an idle mind is a devils playground. So if our youths are kept busy they will not have
time to experiment with drugs and alcohol. We should remain united and work together as we bring
transformation to our communities,” he said.
Co-founder Winfield Dangarembizi said they will spiritually engage the community to build a better
youth with good morals.
We are all about young people. We are happy that we were able to host the youths from Amaveni,
Mbizo and Lancashire steel. It is our desire that we come together as a community and fund these
young people so that we take care of drug abuse and all other sources of bad behaviour that
happens in our community.
We are hoping that if we come together as Kwekwe community and the nation of Zimbabwe we
will be able to impact and nurture our people to grow, which will encourage many in other towns
and beyond our borders. I am calling upon the community to come and partner with us Rare
Diamond Network where we nurture these young people to develop in sport and equip them in their
education so that they become real jewels in the next generation.
My plea to you today is that if you are able to partner with us, no gift is too small or big, be it cash
or kind. We will put it to good use so that together we raise communities with good morals and
behaviour while developing their talents,” she said.
She also called upon well-wishers to train women and girls on how to make disposable sanitary
Kwekwe city council is working on a project under devolution to turn Amaveni beerhall into a drug
rehabilitation centre.
Substances that are commonly used in Zimbabwe include alcohol, cannabis, heroin, glue, crystal
meth and a variety of cough mixtures.

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