Second Polio campaign starts

By Angeline Jani


MURIEL MINE – IN trying to curb the deadly disease polio, the Ministry of Health
and Child Care (MoHCC) is conducting another four-day polio vaccination campaign
which commenced on Thursday last week (1 December 2022).
Hundreds of children in and around the small mining community of Muriel Mine have
already received their first dose during the first campaign, which was held from the 27
to 30 October this year.
The four-day campaign period in October saw the few health personnel at the local
clinic working hard to meet the target and dealing with the pressure as hundreds
thronged the medical facility for their children to be vaccinated.
The third day recorded a decrease in numbers, while on the fourth day a handful
trickled in.
The vaccination campaign teams also made sure the statistical numbers were
achieved. They went around designated sites like Muriel Primary School and
Kavhadhi Centre respectively. Vaccination sites were set every three kilometers so
that people did not have to walk long distances.
A 28 day window period is allowed between the vaccines in order to ensure the first
dose is effectively boosted.
Malawi and Mozambique recorded an upsurge in poliomyelitis cases a recently,
triggering the measures taken by the Government.
Polio is an acute infection by the poliovirus, specifically of the motor neurons in the
spinal cord and in the brain stem leading to muscle weakness, paralysis and
sometimes disability. It can even lead to death.
Zimbabwe is a step ahead in minimising the effects of polio because prevention is
better than cure.
Even though polio is believed to attack 15-year-olds and below, those targeted are
from 0 – 59 months because they are the most vulnerable group.

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