Zig Zag Band launches gospel single


KWEKWE based Chigiyo music masters, Zig Zag Band last Saturday launched a video for the gospel
single Chinemazano at Kwekwe Theatre.
Despite a brief power cut, the rains and World Cup soccer match did not dampen the spirits of
scores of music lovers who came to witness “the returning” of the band which rose to stardom with
the hit song Gomo ramasare and VaMandela.
The video of the song Chinemazano which was composed by Julius “Uncle Pork Pie” Ziva was
produced by Haniel of Bantu Studios. The video was directed by Givemore Mutemaringa.
“The turn-out at the launch was not that pleasing but it was okay given that Zig Zag Band has not
been active for years. And some people out there are still stuck to the past and won't give the new
band line up a chance.
“The programme went on smoothly after a power scare which was resolved quickly. Some fans left
the venue during the brief disturbance, the rains and world cup soccer was also a counter attraction
but overrally the launch was a blast,” said Bantu Entertainment Zimbabwe director Tawanda Jumo.
“We are proud to have released a brand new track from the Zig Zag Band entitled Chinemazano
produced at Bantu Studios. This is a community project as we try to revive this unique brand the
creators were about to give up on due to lack of resources.”
The video was played more than five times with fans clamouring for more. Zig Zag Band also took to
the stage and performed some of the hit songs among them Sarah, VaMandela, Mhondoro
dzinomwa munaSave, and Mudzimu mukuru.
Former Utakataka Express bassist Ronnie Mudhindo and Orchestra Vazvamburi and Bantuman I and
Madzimbabge Legacy were the supporting acts at the launch of the video and single.
Meanwhile, Zig Zag Band once disappeared from the musical radar for some years following the
death of key members, lack of equipment and economic challenges.
Following the demise of founding members, Steve Lunga picked up the pieces and continued with
the dream of keeping Chigiyo music legacy alive.
Among the members who died were the legendary Emmanuel Nkomo of the Gomo Ramasare fame,
Stanley Phiri, a drummer and the Lunga brothers, George and Robert.
The then band leader, Gilbert Zvamaida relocated to the United States as lead guitarist for the Blacks
Unlimited, a group fronted by legendary Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo.
Chigiyo is a reggae-like beat fused with traditional rhythms to produce a uniquely Zimbabwean
original sound.

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