Solar facility to benefit all civil servants -PSC


Harare (New Ziana)-The Public Service Commission said on Tuesday the solar loan facility is a way of improving conditions of service for civil servants and will benefit all employees.

The government mooted the idea of providing solar project for civil servants’ homes was mooted in 2020 and if implemented sooner, will complement the country’s electricity generation capacity.

In a statement, secretary to Service Commissions Dr Tsitsi Choruma said all government workers would benefit regardless of grade.

“The Public Service Commission wishes to place it on record that the PSC made the decision to include solar equipment provision to its basket of non-monetary benefits for civil servants.

“In its eventuality, the solar project is meant to benefit all civil servants from every grade,” she said.

She added: “The addition of solar equipment provision to the basket of benefits is in line with the Government’s steadfast objective to cushion its employees and improve their conditions of service through the augmentation of monetary benefits with non-monetary incentives.”

There were reports that the solar loan facility was only for top government workers.

Choruma said the PSC was already looking for a partner for the project.

“The Commission recognizes the need to implement this project with haste and is currently seized with the task of securing a partner(s) to support and enable the rolling out of the project.

“The Commission appreciates the resources available within the country and would like to harness and build-up on them to make use of renewable sources of energy (green energy) in as cost-effective and technologically-smart manner as possible,” she said.

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