Chinhoyi water woes as power cuts worsen

By Nathaniel Gondo


ZESA power cuts, which have increased due to low water levels at Kariba Dam,
are wreaking havoc by disrupting water production in Chinhoyi.
The Chinhoyi Residents’ Association says that Council, as a stop-gap measure,
should speed up drilling of boreholes to ease the current water challenges.
In an interview, Clifford Hlupeko, for the residents’ association said: “This has
gone beyond Council because the power outages are a national thing. However,
what they can do is to speed up the drilling of boreholes. They must build their
own power grid and stop being reliant on the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply
“The Short-term plan is to drill boreholes as a matter of urgency and then direct the
resources to the building of their own power grid.”
One resident, Takudzwa Ndarera “Water problem is now a serious challenge we
are facing in our community because water used to come daily now we have gone
for days without water.
“We have resorted to buying water for drinking and for bathing we use borehole
water sometimes river."
Water crisis has already been a challenge to Chinhoyi residents as it only comes in
the early hours of the morning. In most suburbs water is usually available around
3am to 6am.
A concerned citizen from Ruvimbo Phase 2 said: “It’s now weeks without water
and people are using unprotected water sources. We cannot drill boreholes because
there is sewage water flowing everywhere.
“We are risking our lives now because we wake up at around 5am, to go and fetch
water and thieves use this opportunity to steal our valuables or abuse our children.”

He asked why they should be paying council for services that the local authority
was failing to provide. In the past council would respond by delivering water with
Recently, Chinhoyi Municipality advised the public and stakeholders about the
water situation.
In an advisory, the council said: “Due to intermittent electricity supply, our
production is highly compromised. As a result of reduced levels of production,
areas on high ground will receive very low to no water.”
The council added that supply would improve as soon as the situation returned to
normal, upon restoration of electricity supply.
Zimbabwe Power Company has released a video in which they explained the
situation at Kariba Dam. They said water levels had dropped due to drought and
climate change. ZPC said: “If the remaining water is used for power generation
there will be no water for fishing, tourism and aquatic life.”

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