Residents praise local authority

By Bathel Shuro

HURUNGWE – MAGUNJE residents praised Hurungwe Rural District Council for a five-star
rating in keeping the area environmentally clean, as other residents suggested councils struggling
to live up to the clean-up campaign to visit it for lessons.
During this months national clean-up campaign at Magunje, residents said business people and
the council were acting responsibly in keeping their growth point clean.
Robert Bhango said: Our local business people are very responsible. They always keep their
surroundings clean. They don't just wait for the first Fridays of each month.
“Also, thumbs up to the council, they are executing their job well. We really appreciate them.
There is nothing to despise. Those councils that are failing to meet the standards should come to
Hurungwe RDC and learn.
A resident, Julia Matsimba, said although the community joined every first Friday of each
month, their area was always clean.

Business people clean their premises and the council also deploys its workers to pick up litter,
like papers and bottles. They are really doing their work because if they were not, this area
would have been dirty, and not this clean.
Another resident, who requested anonymity blamed passers-by for littering as they passed
The area stays clean but I would say the problem lies with passers-by, who throw litter
Our council is trying its level best to keep the environment clean, thats why you see we have
those disposable bins and that one built at the centre.
Hurungwe Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Luke Kalavina, said that they
provided disposable bins for each shop and have a refuse truck that collects the garbage. Our
area has improved a lot. It's clean, he said.
He also encouraged the business people to keep their sanitary lanes free of litter. He said that
there was still need to educate the public on recycling initiatives as they were relying on burning
their refuse, which is illegal.
So far we have tried to fix a dumpsite for solid waste management. Most people don't
understand the issue of grading waste so we are going to sensitise them,said Kalavina.

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