Villagers denounce corruption on inputs

Own Correspondent


VILLAGERS in Nyikavanhu, under Chief Nyajena in Masvingo South
Constituency clashed with community leaders and war veterans over allegations
of unfair distributions of Pfumvudza/Intwasa inputs.
Following the distribution of Presidential inputs, which are being distributed
around the country’s rural areas, farmers in Nyajena gathered a fortnight ago at
Nyikavanhu Business Centre in anticipation of receiving their equal share of the
The Government in its policy of leaving no one and no place behind, is on a
drive of accelerating rural development and boosting national food security.
However, some distribution agents are allegedly abusing their positions and
disrupting the process by looting and selling the inputs for personal gain.
Meanwhile, a local councillor and a group of war veterans, which was being led
by one Joe Mazarire and the community leadership that was responsible for
distributing the inputs that included seed for groundnuts and maize, and
fertilisers had allegedly planned to loot the inputs.
In an interview, villagers raised the grievances of the community members
against the officials.
“People have said no to corruption after being given one sack of groundnut seed
per village instead of more bags,” the villagers protested.
The villagers complained of ghost villages that were created by the war veterans
and the councillor in a bid to sanction looting of the inputs.
“We heard of names of other villages that we had never heard of being talked
about and they were obviously going to benefit from that,” said another villager,
who also declined to be identified, fearing reprisals.

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