Appeal for boreholes, clinics

By Delight Dokotera


MUTUNGAGORE in Mt Darwin is one district in the province that needs development to
enable it to play its part in the economic development of the country.
Villagers in the area face serious water challenges and have to travel long distances to get to
the nearest water sources. In Rimainhaka Village, villagers get water from contaminated
sources like rivers and dams, which at times dry up after the rainy seasons.
Otilia Chiteve (52) from the area, said that the protected water sources were far away from
their homesteads such that more time was taken up in travelling to the boreholes.
“We have one borehole in the area which is 3,5km away and we usually take two hours to get
home from fetching water with only one bucket,” she said.
“Chances are high that the whole village can be struck down by cholera and typhoid
outbreaks because the sources of water we use to drink are the same places where people do
their laundry.” she added.
The residents of the area said that the static health facilities, namely the clinics and hospitals
were also far away from their places of residence to the extent that people often die on their
way to these facilities.
“There is one clinic in the area, namely Mutungagore clinic, which is 7km away,” said
Villagers clarified that the poorly constructed and maintained roads contributed more to the
deaths of people being ferried to the health facility.
“The degradation of roads is caused mainly by water runoff, especially during the rainy
season, thereby worsening the situation because scotch carts are unable to move in muddy
and unlevelled roads.
“We are appealing to the Government to increase clinics in the area and to site more
boreholes not far away from the villages,” she said.

Pfura Rural District Council Ward 18 Councillor, Knowledge Farawadya, said that they had
managed to site four boreholes and were almost ready to drill others to curb the problem.
“We want all villages to have functional boreholes and repair those which are no longer
effective in every village,” he said.
“Village 8 and Maiseka Village have no boreholes and the people rely on contaminated water
from dams. Our target is to firstly work on these two areas then later attend to other villages
that also need attention,” Farawadya explained.
“We applied to Council to get tap water in all villages in the ward and also at our only clinic
to raise our health standards,” said Farawadya.
The ward councillor said he had requested Council to attend to the road so that people can
navigate easily.
He promised the villagers that the walking distance to health facilities would be reduced since
another clinic at Mutwa will be commissioned soon.

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