Mat ‘North Province to launch Beach Football League

Tichaona Mataruse

In an effort to fight social ills such as drug abuse among youths, Matebeleland North
Province has launched a Beach football league.
The programme which was launched at Lukosi Secondary School about 15 km from the
mining town of Hwange is basically a 5-side match played on a sandy ground.
Zimbabwe Premier Beach Football League (ZPBFL) Chairman Lunguza Ndlovu said their
main target is the youths whose talents they intent to nurture and make them stay away from
drug and substance abuse by creating recreational sporting activities. He also urged the
communities to partake in the programme for it to succeed.
“We are starting off with the under 19 boys but we are also introducing the sport to all lower
age groups like U18, U17, U16 , U15 and below for Primary schools to uphold the junior
policy. We are intending to work with Nash and Naph and the community clubs to achieve
this”, said Ndlovu.
The league is meant for both sexes but due to financial constraints, for the time being the
league will only cover the males. When funds permit, the league is expected to stretch its
wings bringing females also as a way of empowering the girl child.
“Funds permitting, we will cover both males and females, but since we are starting at zero,
we will begin with boys. Once the male league is up and running, then we bring in the girls.
However we expect both sexes to be actively involved at school sports level both at primary
and secondary schools. With time and good sponsorship we intend to cover the whole
Province within the next two years,” he said.
The league which will have 16 teams is expected to kick start in January 2023. Registration
of teams will roll out after the initiative has been launched, with the community and
stakeholders being called in to chip in and support the sport code to empower the youths.
“Soon after the launch we are going to start registering the teams so that the league starts
January 2023.All the other Provinces are launching theirs and we are saying Matebeleland
North Province cannot remain behind forever. Our wish is for the local community and

stakeholders to buy the dream and support the sport code then we are home and dry,” said
A beach soccer field is a level sandy area smaller than a regular association football pitch.
Since the game is played bare footed, the field is cleared of pebbles and seashells along with
any other objects which could injure a player.

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