Violations deter women, girls

By David Adin

Violence against women continues unabated countrywide despite efforts by government and
stakeholders to end the scourge which has resulted women failing to fully participate in
developmental matters.
This in turn contributes to low participation of women in social and economic activities,
leadership and education development programmes leading to low self-esteem.
Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police in
Mashonaland Central Province this week joined the rest of the world, and other co-operating
partners in the fight against gender based violence.
Despite GBV being one of the most violations of human rights in the world, it is one of the
least prosecuted crimes and one of the greatest threats to lasting peace and development
among women who are in most cases victims of the dastardly act.
Speaking during commemorations of the 16 Days of Activism against GBV in Bindura, a
representative of DAPP said: “This violation of human rights has contributed to low
participation of women in social and economic activities, leadership and education
development programmes.
“This alone leaves out women and young girls in the progress of human development, which
in turn creates low self-esteem. Over the years, we have witnessed a lot of gender-based
violence against women and girls, which violations are an extreme manifestation of gender
inequality and systematic gender-based discrimination.
“We live in the world of many dehumanising calamities. Poverty, hunger, drug abuse and
sexual abuse, are many factors that contribute to high prevalence rates of GBV.
“Women and young girls have died as we have recently witnessed and heard reports of many
cases associated with GBV. The children, who have witnessed and have been subjected to
GBV are more likely to become victims or abusers themselves,” he said.
DAPP, he said, in all its projects was fighting against GBV by encouraging women to take up
leadership roles in all the projects they are running.
One of the contributory factors to the plight of women was that they were regarded as
subjects while men believe or see themselves as bread winners even though women are also
bread winners.

He called for the empowerment of women.
On its part, the ZRP said violence must not be tolerated and reported immediately, so that
criminals are punished and justice secured.
“As police, we are responding to the cries for justice of women and men who have suffered in
silence due to lack of self-esteem. Let us promote a culture of equality between men and
women through institutional and legal reforms, education, awareness and full engagement of
men and boys,” the ZRP representative said.
She added that there could be no peace and development when women suffered sexual
“I call upon all stakeholders and partners to unite in fighting against GBV. Let us castigate
those that promote GBV for us to create a free and safe environment for all.
“It is a duty and responsibility of everyone to break the silence and say no to GBV. Report all
cases and acts associated with this human rights violation,” she said.

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