Artist bemoans poor returns from work

By Kundai Sharamba


MARONDERA – VIRGINIA Hindi, a 51-year-old mother, wife, actor and master of
ceremonies uncovered some of the hidden mysteries as to why the Zimbabwe entertainment
industry is still unripe and unattractive to many.
In an interview, she said that the industry lacked funding from training, production,
equipment to advertising and marketing. The lack of modern equipment is one of the major
reasons she said the entertainment industry was struggling to grow and compete with foreign
“It is also important to note that it is impossible to produce a high-definition (HD) film, when
top-class equipment is being used by inexperienced operators, hence the need for funded
training programmes for specific tasks. Notably, Zimbabwean film channels of distribution
are not strongly protected by legal statutes, hence the rampant pirating of artists’ work.”
The Village Secrets actor, said that acting was not a hobby, but a profession as she is a holder
of a diploma in Education and currently a substantive Primary School Deputy Head.
She would want to advise budding actors to make it a part-time venture as the industry was
not as rewarding as most people think.
This was also one of the reasons why the industry was failing to thrive as the actors have to
look for other jobs in order to survive.
“We are not paid for being actors, but we do it out of passion as a part-time job. If artists are
paid better, I believe there would be more entertainment for our local television and most
artists would definitely quit their jobs and concentrate more on the arts.”
Hindi started acting when she was in primary school after joining a school drama club.
She also played a major role as Vamwene, Mai Lloyd in Murora Mutsva, Nyonganyonga
Mucorona and Muridzi Wenyaya drama series. The actor is also a master of ceremonies and
directs ceremonies in and around Chikomba District. She is currently balancing her role as
Maphosa, Paul's wife in Village Secrets drama with her role as a deputy school head.

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