Byo-Victoria falls worsened by heavy rains.

By Rutendo Mapfumo


Heavy rains have worsened the already damaged Bulawayo to Victoria Falls highway and making the
high way a death trap for most motorist and pedestrians amid fears that international tourism
agents may discourage their clients from using the road.
Should they go ahead, the country risks losing millions of dollars in lost revenue due to cancelled
trips to resort areas such as Hwange National Park and the Falls itself.
The highway is now decorated by huge potholes which continue to expand owing to the heavy rains
currently experienced and also due to the movement of haulage trucks along the route.
Motorists have continuously raised red flags complaining about the state of the Bulawayo-Victoria
Falls highway which leads to one of the country’s main tourist attractions and have appealed to the
Government to urgently rehabilitate the road.
Haulage truck driver, Simon Charade said driving on the road has become more dangerous of late
and appealed to the authorities to intervene before more lives are lost. He said this was particularly
the case with first time drivers on this route who do not know the treacherous and dangerous spots.
“Driving on the Victoria Falls –Bulawayo is now a thorn in the flesh, the potholes are expanding
every day; if you don’t know the road you risk getting involved in accidents.
“It’s even worse when driving during the night, as the many potholes can damage your car and
cause it to veer off the road,” he said.
Tourism players are equally worried with the state of the road which is making it difficult for people
to access the Victoria Falls. There were now fears that some international travel agents were muting
the idea of removing Victoria Falls from their tourism basket list to protect their clients.
“As tourism players, it is difficult to transport our clients using the road to Hwange national park due
to the bad state,” said Timothy Dube a tour operator.
The Government under the Second Republic availed $33 billion to fund the Emergency Roads
Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP2) after it declared the country’s roads a state of disaster. The –
Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway connects Zimbabwe to Botswana and Zambia.

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