Nekabandama Villagers face transport woes.

By Lessely lee Chimushonga


Villagers in Nekabandama ward 12 are crying foul over the shortage of transport on the
Nekabandama to lukhosi route which connects to the Victoria Falls-Bulawayo highway and this has
affected the day to day routine of villagers who walk 10 km to the highway.
Lukhosi to Nekabandama route is dusty and rocky leading to most motorists shunning the route.
Sekani Nyathi, a villager from Nekabandama ward 12 said it has become difficult for her to transport
her farm products to the highway.
“We have only one commuter omnibus which transports people and only makes one trip a day and
sometimes the route can take some days without any transport,” she said.
Previously the route was plyed by the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO), but the
company abandoned the route because of the bad roads.
The councilor for ward 12 Johannes Tshuma said there is a need of serious intervention from the
“The Zimbabwe united passenger company was better as we were paying as little as dollar where as
now we are paying US$3 to the private transporters,” said the Councilor.
The villagers from Nekabandama appealed to the government’s road rehabilitation programme to
extend to the Nekabandama-Lukhosi route.

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