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Indonsakusa Provincial Newspapers

Teenage Boys fight off charging lion


Victoria Falls- Two teenage boys in Hwange resembled the biblical Samson, when they fought a flion
and lived to tell the tale.
Khulekani Ndlovu (16), is lucky to be alive after a lioness with cubs charged at him causing deep cuts
on his left leg but was helped by his fellow herder to fight off the marauding cat.
The two herders from Chidobe Village in Victoria Falls emerged heroes after they threw all caution to
the wind and confronted the lioness.
Njabulo Ncube (17) managed to scare away the huge cat by screaming and shaking tree branches
while flapping his arms making noise. As a result of the commotion and ruckus by Ncube, the cat let
go of Ndlovu’s leg running away while Khulekhani lay helpless on the ground.
The two teenagers were herding cattle in the forestland when the lion attacked one of the cows. They
immediately ran towards the lion to save the animal.
“We were sitting with Njabulo when we heard a cow making noises about 50metres away. When we
rushed to the scene we came face to face with the lion attacking the cow.
“We started making noise to scare it away and the lion abandoned the cow and turned on us. It
charged at us and we fled in different directions.
“After running for about 50 meters I looked over my shoulder and saw the lion gaining ground. I fell
down and could not rise as I felt powerless,” said Khulekani.
Upon seeing that his friend was in danger Njabulo stopped running and charged at the lion while
shouting and shaking tree branches. The lion fled.
Khulekani sustained injuries on the ankle and below the knee. Njabulo helped him to his feet and
walked back home.
He was treated and discharged at Victoria Falls Hospital.
In a similar incident, a pride of lions reportedly marauded cows near Chief Dingane’s homestead in
Mabale on Sunday.
Chief Dingane said, his community woke up to another goring sight of two carcasses of cows killed
by the marauding big cats.
“The cows belonged to my neighbour and they are usually herded together with my herd,”
“They were in the bush when news filtered that there was a pride nearby and so the boys rounded up
the cattle. Ours came home and my neighbour’s went home as well. Later on we heard that his two
cows had been killed,” said Chief Dingane.
Villagers immediately informed Hwange Rural District Council Campfire and officers attended the
The Chief said he also lost four cattle recently.

“I lost four that were eaten in the bush recently and there are other villagers as well whose cows have
been killed. I think about 30 cattle have been killed in the last week by lions which is a cause for
concern.” he said.
There are two prides of lions, including cubs, which are reportedly literally camped in Mabale and
have been terrorising villagers.

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