Gwanda miners applaud new gold price

By Mvelo Mthiyane Zondo


GWANDA gold miners have welcomed and applauded the new gold price, which was
recently introduced by the Government.
One of the veteran small-to-medium scale gold miners said the newly gazetted gold price was
the way to go for miners as it gives them hope.
As of 11 January 2023, the gold price was at:
SG 90 percent and above, $57.37 per gram
SG 85 percent and above but below 90 percent, $56.47 per gram
SG 80 percent and above but below 85 percent, $55.86 per gram
SG 75 percent and above but below 80 percent, $55.26 per gram
Sample below 10 grams but above 5 grams, $54.36 per gram
Fire essay cash, $57.37 per gram.
Fisani Moyo, who is an aspiring candidate for Gwanda central constituency under the ruling
ZANU PF ticket, expressed sadness saying that when the price is good, gold ore is hard to
come by.
“This is a good price, especially when comparing to the production of a gram. We are just
hoping for massive gold ore production while the price is still lucrative.
However, the norm is when the price is good, the mineral usually disappears. 
Nonetheless, this will go a long way in improving our gold production companies. It will
allow most of the miners to purchase the much-needed mining equipment.
The price will not only improve our livelihoods but will also go towards the national fiscus
and improve the national economy,” said Moyo.
According to previous statistics, small scale miners contributed a significant percent of gold
to Fidelity, a positive development which was applauded by President Emmerson

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