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Nehanda Guardian Provincial Newspapers

Tree crashes school head to death


A Deputy Headmaster at Bare Secondary in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central Province, died
after a huge tree fell over a vehicle she was in while seeking shelter during a violent storm
last week.
Mashonaland Central provincial Police spokesperson, Inspector Milton Mundembe,
confirmed the fatal incident, which he said occurred around mid-day yesterday.
He said that Grace Shumba (55) went to Bare Primary School intending to see Bare
Secondary school headmaster, Clever Mutema (40), whom she met in the school yard.
Later a violent storm started and the two sought shelter in Mutema's vehicle which was
parked under a huge tree.
While inside the vehicle a huge tree fell on top of ihe car, trapping the two inside.
Ekin Musarurwa, a teacher at the school, heard the continuous hooting of a car and went to
He noticed that the two were trapped inside and summoned people to help. An axe was used
to rescue the trapped teachers.
However, Shumba was already dead but Mutema was seriously injured and complained of a
painful head, chest and back.
He was rushed to Concession District Hospital for medical attention while the body of the
deceased was taken for post mortem.
The next of kin were informed of the incident.
Mundembe advised members of the public to exercise caution by avoiding parking their
vehicles under trees and objects during violent storms.

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