By Staff Reporter


THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education approves the presence of many
informal education schools in Bindura evolving from the difficulties which members
of the public are facing in sending their children to school.
District Head for Informal Education, Biggie Mwarikuta, said that rural- urban
migration had contributed greatly to the roaming around of children in the streets
because some of the parents were relying on piecemeal jobs, which were not effective
enough to generate enough income to send their children to schools, hence giving rise
to members of the public to opening private schools to cater for such children.
The Ministry of Education approved that it was right for private school owners to
open informal education sectors because many had failed to raise huge amounts of
money required by formal education sectors in Bindura such as in the case of
Chipadze High School and Herman Gmeiner High School.
Chipadze High Schools Form One enrolment fees was going for USD$300 whilst
Herman Gmeiner High School was USD$400 despite the inclusion of uniforms,
which was still unaffordable.
At the end of the day, private schools are way cheaper and affordable than formal
education sectors.
There is a recently opened private school called Nissi Secondary School, which is
going for USDUSD$100 enrolment fee, which again is the same fees paid per term,
he added.
The Ministry of Education highlighted that the reason behind parents sending their
children to such schools was to avoid keeping them at home, which could later bring
challenges to them and their children.
Brenda Bhauti one of the parents said: Once a girl child is kept home, chances of her
seeing marriage as the only option are high and it is difficult for parents to withdraw
the idea from her mind. So, it is better to sacrifice to raise the little money required by
private schools to curb such disasters from striking our children.”
However, Mwarikuta emphasised that all informal education sectors should seek
permission from the Ministry of Education and get registered before opening to avert
severe disasters from visiting them.
The Ministry carries out visits to informal schools to assure if they are all registered
and if they are not the Ministry has the right to get the school closed,he said.

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