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Luck runs out for armed robber


KWEKWE – A suspected armed robber was arrested in Mbizo 9 after the community teamed up and
effected a citizens arrest.
Khulani Dube (22) of Nkayi and his accomplice Palma Nyirongo, who is on the run, had allegedly
broken into two houses before they met resistance on the third attempt in Mbizo 9.
Inspector Mahoko said the offences were committed on January 7 between 1am and 3am.
He said Dube was arrested after their victim in the third break-in made noise and neighbours came
to his rescue.
When they entered victim Costen Mundenguma’s house, they switched off the lights and switched
on their torch instead.
Mundenguma was awakened by the noise and he confronted the suspects who stabbed him with a
knife all over the body.
With the help of the neighbours, they managed to apprehend Khulani Dube but his accomplice
Nyirongo escaped.

A report was made at ZRP Mbizo.
“As police was carrying out investigations, it turned out that the two had allegedly broken into two
other houses in Mbizo 12 and 16.
“They were moving around armed with an axe, a machete, a bayonet and a knife.
Insp. Mahoko said the two would attack people with weapons they were carrying if they tried to
Following the arrest, stolen property valued at US$310 was recovered which included a satchel
containing property and cellphones stolen from the first two houses.
Dube is currently detained and is assisting police with investigations.
Insp. Mahoko called upon the public to assist in locating and arresting the remaining suspect Palma

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