Man flees with police handcuffs

By Chenjerai Gumbeze


CHEGUTU – A Chegutu man with a notorious reputation for picking fights, recently fought at least six
men overpowering them but then fled with police handcuffs after his arrest at Westend Business
The man, whose name could not be ascertained, was handcuffed by a Zimbabwe Republic Police officer
for fighting in public.
He was ordered to sit down together with the other offenders while awaiting the arrival of a police
vehicle to ferry them to the local police station.
The man then asked the unsuspecting police officer if he could be allowed to use the toilet. He was
allowed and he walked for about five metres before sprinting northwards with the handcuffs still on.
The fighter disappeared into the dark since there was no electricity.
Police officers with the help of concerned citizens searched for the man without success. That was the
last time the man was seen.
“What type of an officer anotizwa nemunhu anengetani? Mapurisa tikumaona achinwa ari pabasa saka
zvogona kudaro kuti officer vatizwa ava vanga vakatorohwa havo nemutoriro,” said a man who called
himself Ghetto.
A retired police officer who was also drinking beer at Westend Business Centre said the young officer
should prepare himself thoroughly for a grilling by his Commanding Officer.
”That officer is in for it. Cuffs are State property and a trained police man decided to give them to an
offender just like that. That was not tolerable during our days. It is a chargeable offence and sent one to
Detention Barracks (DB),”said the former officer.
Meanwhile a Kadoma-Chakari kombi driver recently snatched a police hat from an officer who intended
to remove keys from his vehicle’s ignition for alleged wrong parking.
The driver sped off with the hat and threw it at a garbage dump just outside town where it was picked
up by a mentally challenged man.
The mentally challenged man donned the hat and went straight to Railton bar, much to the amusement
of onlookers.
The bar attendant realising what could have happened, quickly phoned Kadoma Central Police, who
responded immediately and took the man for interrogation.
He was found with no case to answer and was given US$10 as a reward for keeping State property safe.
The man has since earned himself the nickname “Traffic Police”.
The driver has subsequently been apprehended and appeared in court.

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