Mayor pushes for revamp of robots

Staff Reporter


GWERU Mayor Councillor Hamutendi Kombayi has promised to leave the city with functioning traffic
lights in the Central Business District as his term of office comes to an end after a five-year term.
The city’s traffic lights have not been functioning for close to five years following a shoddy job by the
company that was awarded the tender to install solar traffic lights.
Speaking during his end of year address Mayor Kombayi said it was disturbing to note that a city like
Gweru did not have functional traffic lights.
“I want to push hard to ensure that my term ends well and be remembered for being the Mayor who
made sure that we had robots in our beautiful city.
“I have conducted a meeting with Zhang (the contractor) and I am also pushing my management to
ensure that this arbitration comes to an end. All we need in Gweru are the robots; surely you
cannot have a city without robots. It just doesn’t make sense,” he said.
The Mayor said he had also called for unity in the engineering department, where there is serious
sabotage and back biting, thereby affecting service delivery.
Residents in the city have continuously complained over the non-functional traffic lights, which have
resulted in several accidents.
Council officials have explained that the local authority cannot take over the maintenance of the
traffic lights as the case is under arbitration.
Meanwhile, the electrical section managed to install LED tower light fittings in residential areas.
The section managed to install 40 tower lights from October 2022.
“With more funding it is my hope that in 2023, we will install more tower lights in the residential
areas,” he said.

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