Mining company rehabilitates Globe and Phoenix School premises


KWEKWE – A local mining company Toox Investments has come to the rescue of Globe and Phoenix
Primary School by rehabilitating classrooms and grounds that were damaged by illegal gold panners.
The company, which has a mine near the school, has also pledged to build an Early Child
Development (ECD) classroom block to help pupils currently learning at the teachers’ houses within
the school premises.
Toox Investments managing director John Mapurazi told local radio station, 98.4FM Midlands that
they have reclaimed pits and tunnels dug by illegal gold miners under classroom blocks.
I saw it fit to rehabilitate the primary school because I am very much concerned about the children.
It won’t be good news for us to hear that classrooms blocks have fallen into the mining pits
underground and children have suffered injuries or death due to the illegal mining activities done by
the miners.
I have engaged the ZRP and my mine security personnel to secure the school premises day and
night so that the miners will not be able to continue the illegal mining activities at the school,'' said
To make sure that the issue of illegal mining at the school is done away with, I have engaged all law
enforcements agents and we had an agreement and work has commenced successfully.
I have also worked on closing all the mining holes at the school premises or outside the school and
there are no longer other issues to tackle in as far as this issue is concerned, so if you hear people
saying other issues it will be rumours.
He revealed plans to construct a new ECD block at the school.
I engaged the school headmaster and I told him to get quotations so that we can build an ECD block
and that is some of the things I am doing for the Globe and Phoenix school because I am a miner
who works close to the school,” he said.
Midlands Provincial Mining Director Tariro Ndhlovu said they held several meetings with key
stakeholders who included Kwekwe City Council, District Administrators officers, ZRP, EMA and
registered miners operating around the school.
The PMD once proposed for ground surfacing to see how stable the ground is, so that classrooms do
not collapse during lessons.
Ndlovu said there was need for a combined effort of all stakeholders to end the degradation around
the school and other infrastructure.

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