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Background must not determine one’s fate


CHINHOYI – THOSE who refuse to let their circumstances determine their course in life will
always triumph.
A Chinhoyi man’s life tells the ‘story of defying all odds and surmounted huge challenges, after
he was born and raised by mentally challenged parents. Today, he is the proud owner of a
successful business.
He recalls that while growing up everyone looked down upon his family. Instead of feeling
overwhelmed by his circumstances, he found strength in adversity.
Takudzwa Sangalaza did not let his situation stop him from dreaming big. He now runs his own
The first born in a family of three Sangalaza realised early on that he had the responsibility of
looking after his family so after finishing his Ordinary Levels at Chinhoyi High 2 School, in
2019 he went into carpentry.
He got into carpentry because he realised that it as the only way to sustain himself and his family
I saw carpentry as the job that would take care of me and my family that is the main reason I
chose it, he said during an interview last week.
He said that he started by making small items like pushing trays and stools.
Later on he bought a machine to ease his workload. This was after realising the demands of the
After mastering how to make the small items, Sangalaza still had dreams and so ventured into
big items, which saw him making wardrobes, kitchen units and bed bases.
I started making wardrobes, kitchen unit and bases for beds and I would display them by the
roadside until people started to notice them.
He returned to school to further his knowledge and skills in carpentry.
Later on, after I had worked for some time I enrolled for a course and went on to get a
certificate in carpentry and joinery.
He said working space was one of the main problem he faced.
As someone who is always dreaming big, I want to grow my business, but the main challenge
is the space. We operate in Mpata just beside the road, where there is an open space. There is no
space for me to grow, he said.

The area is small and requires security during the night.
Sangalaza said people looked down upon them because of his parents’ mental health, but that has
changed as some have started to praise his parents for grooming a fine and hardworking young
Truly speaking, this is only Gods way not because Im clever. Our family was looked down
upon to the extent that some even mocked us. My parents were belittled because of their mental
health as people thought that a couple with mental health issues could not produce a normal
People in our society who looked down upon my parents are the ones who are now praising my
parents because of what I have achieved.Takudzwa-Sangalaza-fitting-some-kitchen-carboards

Sangalaza takes care of his family, his parents and his two siblings. He has also employed one
Sangalaza has expanded his business as he now makes fitted kitchen units, wardrobes and
kitchen cupboards, roofing and ceiling boards.
With the earnings from the carpentry business, he has managed to buy his own carpentry
equipment and now drives his own car.

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