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Nehanda Guardian Provincial Newspapers

Bindura-Glendale Road needs rehabilitation


MOTORISTS using the Bindura-Glendale road want the Ministry of Transport and
Infrastructural Development to attend to it before lives are lost needlessly because of
Some of the motorists raised concerns on potholes along the stretch of this road, which they
said were contributing too many fatal accidents.
Munyaradzi Mushoshoma a Harare resident, said that the most affected area was from where
Batanai roadblock is usually stationed up to Matangira Farm area. ''The distance that is
affected is approximately three to four kilometres."
Motorists say there are issues with the way the road was constructed, which forces them to
use sections of the road reserved for pedestrians as they avoid tyre damages to their vehicles.
"Simbai Dodzo, another motorists from Glendale said: "Obviously, we are prone to accidents
because there is nowhere we can get through the potholes. Instead, we make use of the
pedestrians' sides."
"While that is the only road which is faster when getting from Glendale to Bindura, it has
numerous dangerous potholes," he added.
Mushoshoma said that they were looking forward to proper road rehabilitation than the
current patching up exercise as they were not durable.
Engineer Joseph Makokove from Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development said
that the road was lastly constructed properly in 2022 by resident constructer Bitumen and
only 6km were constructed from that section.
"He pulled out because of the cash flow problems but we are looking forward to continued
reconstruction of the road this week." said Eng. Makokove.
"The major reason that is dragging the Ministry in resolving this problem is the issue of
funding, but once it is sorted out, moves towards the rehabilitation of the road will be made
quickly," he added.
The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development is committed to rehabilitating at
least 45km from Mvurwi turn-off to Bindura.

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