Blesser sues girlfriend over US$200

Samantha Sumani


A 26-year-old woman appeared at the Bindura Magistrates’ Court last week facing allegations of
stealing US$200 which she was given by her lover, Sirbert Mubaiwa (50), to buy processed ore.

It is the state's case that sometime in October 2022 and in Bindura CBD, Sirbert Mubaiwa gave Lillian
Gono US$200 cash for her to buy him processed gold ore.
Mubaiwa checked with Gono after a month but she had not bought the ore as she gave countless

Sheila Maribha for the State said that in November 2022 Mubaiwa made several efforts to locate
Gono and recover his money, but failed to locate her as she had relocated to an unknown address.

It was on 11 January 2023 in the afternoon that Mubaiwa met Gono and asked her about the
processed gold ore. She failed to produce the ore, which led to her arrest.

Gono pleaded not guilty before Bindura Magistrate Samantha Dlamini. She told the court that she
did not steal the money neither did Mubaiwa give her money for gold ore but they were in a
relationship and had misunderstandings.
Gono told the court that Mubaiwa had given her the money for her to use.

The matter was then remanded to 30 January 2023.

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