Concerns over drug abuse among youths

Staff Writer


MATABELELAND SOUTH provincial leaders have expressed concerns over the rampant
drug abuse by youths.
Their response was triggered by a video, which was posted on the Provincial Development
Committee social media platform, where a youth was seen in a deep slumber while standing.
Quick to comment was the Environmental Management Agency Provincial Manager, Decent
Ndlovu, who said it was painful to note that these harmful substances would soon decimate
“This is a painful reality for the youths due to drugs. They now take anything ranging from
dirty diapers, florescent bulbs with Mercury to embalming liquid. Something should be done.
“Within a period of 10 years they will all be gone,” commented Ndlovu adding that this
would result in a generation gap.
Another provincial head from the Ministry of Education, Seremula said:
“In my neighbourhood last week we buried one who had an enlarged liver due to drug
However, another head of department weighed in saying 10 years is too long a period if
nothing is done to curb drug abuse.
“Ten years is a long time. A year or two is too long. When they dont get the drugs they
scratch the vehicles exhaust soot and inhale. Ntshengu (cheap spirit alcohol) should also be
restricted as it is very dangerous.
“The other problem is that of peer influence, which has also affected our pupils,” he noted.
Recently, community members put the blame back to the community and business people,
who are peddling these harmful substances. 
It was reported that these drugs are sold by well-known people in society and worse off they
were even sold to pupils clad in school uniforms.
Some have even offered themselves to help police arrest the drug peddlers by showing them
the houses where drugs are sold.

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