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Critically ill man abused, dies


NORTON – An ailing man from Norton was recently reduced to tears after his uncle taunted him. The
incident has pained the sick man’s relatives and friends.
Itai Mudzengerere of Katanga Township, who is bedridden because he is seriously ill and in pain, was
with his relatives at his bedside when his uncle, identified as Sonboy, burst out from nowhere charging
that if his condition was from God he would recover, but that if it was AIDS he shall die.
”Itai, kana kurwara kwauri kuita kuri kwaMwari unopona muzukuru. Asi kana uri mukondombera tiri
kukuimbira muzukuru pasina mazuva,” declared the uncle.
This did not go down well with Itai, the nephew, who cried pitifully inflicting more pain on the on
relatives, who were present.
Relatives were divided with some blaming Sonboy for his uncaring statements, while others said Itai’s
situation really needed God’s intervention.
Unfortunately, two days after his uncles’ comments, Itai died and was buried at his rural home in
Mhondoro-Ngezi two days later.
One of the relatives argued that Sonboy was uncouth and that this behaviour once resulted in him being
assaulted by one of his brothers-in-law.

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