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DJ Flames to release first project for 2023


GWERU — William Zibusiso Fuzani also known as Dj Flames has produced a brand new riddim which
is set to be released on January 25 this year.
The Gweru based artist, has produced a riddim called Makwati ne Daka, which is his first since his
return from South Africa where he was based.
In an interview with The Times Arts and Entertainment, Dj Flames said that the riddim Makwati ne
Daka means riches and hate which is a reflection of what he has come across in his search for
greener pastures in South Africa.
While I was in South Africa, I learnt that when a man works hard and earns his riches, they will
always be people who will hate and be jealous of his success and after that observation I chose to
name this riddim Makwati ne Daka, said the 25-year-old producer.
The riddim was produced at Smart Music Studios in Mkoba 12.
I recorded a lot of local upcoming artists on this riddim and some of them include Centermars,
Leefire, Vocal Queen, Jah Flint and Inspector Rhymz, he said.
Dj Flames said he supports upcoming artists in the Midlands province and he has been signing
potential artists under his stable Flames Music.
''As a person who has influenced a lot of artists, I have seen it as an advantage to use that to fight
against drug abuse and encourage youths to prioritise education,” said the producer.
The Pazimuti hit song producer said the main challenge he faces is on music distribution.
Dj Flames said music being produced in the Midlands province is not reaching out to other provinces
in Zimbabwe but is ending in artists’ cellphones and in the studios.
The producer added that sponsors, music promoters and National Arts Council of Zimbabwe should
also reach out in supporting Midlands artists to grow and gain profit from their musical talent.
I also want to address on the issue of unity in the Midlands province in terms of the music industry.
Our industry is suffering because both producers and artists are lacking unity which of late is causing
confusion on music lovers and fans.
I would like to encourage artists and producers to unite because united we stand and divided we
fall, he said.
Dj Flames is a married man and a father of two girls.

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