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Chaminuka Provincial Newspapers

Farmers hail timeous distribution of inputs


Farmers in Marondera district have hailed Government instituted farming inputs which were
distributed in time this year

MARONDERA- Farmers here have hailed the government for timeously distributing
Pfumvudza/Intwasa inputs, thereby enabling them to plant on time thereby increasing their
chances of a bumper harvest.
Villagers in Ward 6 in Marondera could not hide their excitement during a recent visit by the
Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Dr Anxious
Masuka. During the interaction with the villagers, Dr Masuka heard testimonies that outlined
how the Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme had transformed their lives.
They thanked President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Government for the timeous
distribution of inputs such as seed and fertilizer.
One such villager, was 78-year old Ms Emmaculate Chivanda of Rupanga Village who is one
of the beneficiaries of the programme who said that she has never starved from the time she
joined the programme.
She said: “The truth is that ever since I joined this programme, I have been able to put food
on my table every year. I am a senior citizen but I still have the energy to work in my fields.
People do not believe it when they see me digging in the fields.
“What inspires me the most is the fact that I am given the inputs on time by the Government
and I would like to thank President Mnangagwa for that. I urge other households to join this
programme as it helps families to be food sufficient.”
Another villager from the same area, Grace Mudzamatira also applauded the programme
saying one is bound to have a bumper harvest if they properly follow the farming advice
given by agriculture extension officers.

“This is an excellent programme and I want to urge other people who are benefitting from it
to religiously do what the authorities advise them so that they can have bumper harvests. I
always adhere to the advice that I get from the agriculture extension officers. The programme
has assisted us in a big way and our farming activities have transformed our lives.
“We are grateful to the Government because we received our inputs on time and our farming
activities are going according plan,” she said.
The head of Ndemera Village, Mike Wenjere said they expected bumper harvests as their
crops were in a very good condition.
He said: “In this village, we have 50 families that benefitted from the Pfumvudza programme.
The families have plots and the plants are pleasing. This points to bumper harvests. There is a
dam nearby and it is a plus as we can also irrigate our crops.”
Dr Masuka applauded the farmers for putting inputs to good use and agriculture extension
officers for their unwavering support and advice in all wards.
“I was assigned by the President to check if people received the inputs and I have seen for
myself that you received them. I am also assigned to check if the extension officers are doing
their job as they are assigned. I am happy that you said that our officers are always on the
ground and I will tell President Mnangagwa that your officers are there on the ground
working with farmers for them to be business people, and are working to ensure that Vision
2030 is achieved.
“Let me also take this opportunity to tell you that Vision 2030 is not about going to urban
areas to look for jobs. It is on our land, on the soil. I want to challenge you to work in your
fields through this Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme and contribute to the economy and the
attainment of Vision 2030.”
A total of 528 009 people were trained on Pfumvudza/Intwasa in Mashonaland East Province
this season and as at early this year, about 1 099 000 were prepared and planted.

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