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Female Film Makers Shake Male Dominated Industry


MUTARE- As women continue to assert their mettle, three female creatives used their creative
art to challenge the male dominated society in the film industry.
One of the most successful film producers Arthur Cohn, once said a visual story (movie) is told
in three stages; the script, the directing and the editing.
A good producer would recruit the best one can find for these three important film roles.
Depth of Emotions is one such film that not only brings to the core, pertinent issues affecting
women in society, but it also celebrates the girl child by positioning women in the critical roles
of the filmmaking process.
The film script was written by Chikomborero Amanda Ranganawa from McLara Multimedia
Productions, the technical and creative directing was entrusted to Nakai Tsuro from Tatenda
Studios and the editing was masterfully handled by Midlands State University, Film and Theatre
Arts student, 21-year-old Vimbai Alisha Machumi from Pikicha Afrika.
In an industry dominated by males, these three ladies have pushed boundaries, stood their ground
and created a movie that will be an inspiration to the young female creatives seeking to find their
The movie is set to premiere on Saturday, at Golden Peacock Villa Hotel, in Mutare.

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