Fire emoji remix producer riding high

By Nathaniel Gondo

CHINHOYI – MASHONALAND West fire emoji remix producer, an upcoming dancehall, hip
hop and Afro-pop producer and song writer says the sky is the limit in his musical journey.
Soganile Siasitomozira is a talented young man based in Chinhoyi and is a producer at the most
popular and famous studio in Chinhoyi, Stumu Studios.
Siasitomozira, who uses the moniker Stylish because of his style, left school to pursue music and
had his parents’ support as music runs in his family’s veins.
Music runs in my family’s veins as my father, sister and brothers are all musicians. So,
choosing music was supported by my parents,” he said.
He has produced hits such as Mash-West fire emoji remix, Alone and Rudo among others.
Stylish said his inspiration comes from various artists, who come for recording.
I am inspired by various artist when it comes to composing music, but DJ Tamuka is the one
who inspires me the most when it comes to producing music."
He cannot predict what the future holds for him, but the sky is the limit when it comes to his
musical journey.
The young man has composed songs for his young brother Cindrage, aged seven.
He has also produced for notable faces in the Zimbabwe music industry which include Fidel
Country Boy and the energetic Van Choga.
Stylish said electricity was one the main challenges he faces in his work.
You cannot work without electricity so, the moment they switch off all work stops and when
they switch on you have a lot of work load as you have to meet deadlines.
The producer urged young and upcoming artist not to get involved with drugs.

I urge the upcoming artist to stay away from drugs because you cannot work whilst you are

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