with Father T


The same old story
New Year, new beginnings! Or is it the same old story? You and your old problems that refuse to go
away despite the New Year. It’s a pity, what only changes is the last figure of the year. Change is only
brought about by you- the owner of your life.
The only one who can make a difference in terms of the new season is you and you alone. Only then
will the year be different from the one before it.
Our lot delved into the challenges that are synonymous with the beginning of the year- which many
refer to as the January disease. What really causes this disease?
January disease (not the cattle disease. kkk) has become a culture for many a Zimbabwean.
Despite having experienced these January challenges for many years on end- one would assume that
the adage once beaten twice shy, would come into play and guide people in avoiding the so called
January disease.
It baffles the mind why people repeat the same mistake over and over.
It is usually said that experience is the best teacher. Experience is a collection of events and /or
activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge, opinions and skills that come
handy in future.
So why are we faced with the same problems every January? Someone once remarked that it is all
because black people are obsessed with the merry making that comes with the festive season.
A practice that was forced on us by our erstwhile colonizers.
Mr. Vanda reckons it all has to do with our lack of planning. We all know that there will be the
festive season, come year end. What that period means to us is no secret. We want to party and be
Let preparations for that merry making begin now. Put aside something for it every time you have
that extra dollar. We have seen how some women do their group grocery thing. Zvekukandirana.
They pool their small amounts and buy groceries in bulk then share the amassed groceries at the end
of the year.
It is time men plucked a leaf out of these women’s handbook. Imagine how it would be like at the
end of the year. Your wife bringing her groceries from her mukando to fill the pantry and you filling
your refrigerator with beers from mukando wedoro.
Then it will mean your bonus and December salary will be put aside for the January needs – school
fees, uniforms and other household requirements.

This business of people complaining about how difficult the beginning of the year is should cease.
Some are even complaining that this New Year appears like it has been used before. Hanzi rinoita
kunge rakamboshanda. Kabanga ndere mubhero.
And come to think about it, the ones who mourn the most about the January disease are the very
same people who were splashing images of their merry making (Muchigocha muchinwa
zvibhodhoro) on social media. Ko chitumiraika mapictures emauniform echikoro nemabooks
amakatengera vana?
Some of you drank yourselves stupid and did some things we never thought you could do. Downing
the intoxicating waters is something that should be done with dignity.
How can someone surely end up forgetting where he parked his car and report the car stolen, only
for it to be found parked at the small house. Munotinyadzisa mhani!
Now you are asking us if there is anyone who leases out exercise books. Hanzi, “Father T hamunawo
wamunoziva anotengesa mabhuku ekupima here? Ndogoda few pages dzekuti mwana angofano
nyorera until month end”
You make our favourite pass time a disgrace. If you cannot drink responsibly stay away from the holy
waters from the brown and green bottles.

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