Giant python terrorises David Whitehead residents

By Chenjerai Gumbeze


CHEGUTU – RESIDENTS from David Whitehead Textiles are living in fear after a python measuring about
one and half metres was seen recently on the company premises but then vanished into thick bushes.
The snake, which was coiled under a tree, was seen by one of the company workers. The worker
screamed for help, alerting others, who rushed to the scene to find out reasons for the distress.
Everyone was watching from a distance when the python moved away and disappeared into the bushes.
“That snake was approximately one and half metres in length. It was coiled under a tree which I wanted
to seek shelter. I almost stamped on it before I saw it and that made me to scream alerting everybody
on the premises. The snake quickly disappeared into the bushes,” said the worker who refused to be
Another worker said no one had even thought of phoning either the police or the Parks and Wildlife
Authority to deal with the huge reptile.
“I think our seniors are going to phone officials from the Parks and Wildlife to come and trap the snake
before something terrible happens,” said the worker.
Those who live in the company houses said they were living in fear of the reptile.
”Nyoka haizivikanwe mafambiro ayo. Manje apa toita seiko, tichamedzwa zvedu isu? Zvairi nguva
yekunaya kudai chero mumba chaimo inopinda,”said one resident, Mrs Mutero.
There are reports that a former Chegutu businessman, and commercial farmer, used to breed snakes to
scare away thieves who used to steal oranges from his farm. From the time the farmer’s farm was
acquired during the land reform programme a large number of snakes have been seen roaming the area.
They are several reports of snake bites in Chegutu, with some people reported to have died from these.
Artisanal miners link the presence of snakes, especially pythons, at a particular place to gold deposits.
”Ukangoona panotambira nyoka chete kunyanya shato, utoziva kuti pane goridhe, saka paDivas
pachacherwa chete,” said Pardon Magwaba.

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