Gokwe’s $4.4 billion budget to accelerate service delivery


GOKWE – The $4.4 billion Gokwe Town Council budget will focus on accelerated service delivery and
provision of social service infrastructure to ease the livelihoods and quality of lives for residents, and
stakeholders as guided by the National Development Strategy (NDS 1).
Presenting the 16th Gokwe Town Council budget for 2023 recently, GTC Finance Committee
chairperson Councillor Darlington Mudondo said stakeholder engagement demonstrated the need
for improved road network, convenient health and educational facilities, access to sporting and
recreational infrastructure, access to clean water and a smart city.
The budget was crafted under the theme: “Accelerated provision of social services infrastructure, in
view of Vision 2030.”
GTC $4.4 billion budget was approved by the Central Government, up from $1.1 billion of which its
planned projects for 2022 were negatively affected by a below average collection of revenue and
inconsistent disbursements of ZINARA and devolution grants.
Cllr. Mudondo said $2.1 billion (48 percent of the budget) will be channelled towards expenditure
(Education, health, water, roads and social amenities).
“The major target for 2023 is to provide social services infrastructure for the better livelihood of our
stakeholders and residents. This is evidenced by the allocation of more funding to capital projects
mainly roads, education, health and other amenities,” said the Finance Committee chairperson.
He said the Zinara grant allocation of $125 738 149.00 will target road rehabilitation within the CBD.
The devolution allocation of $849 769 200.00 will go towards road construction, education, health
and infrastructure.
He said the devolution operational grant will be used to procure ICT equipment, update valuation
roll and the local plan.

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