Gweru property owners heed council’s call

Praise Chenyedzai


GWERU – Property owners in Gweru’s Central Business District have taken heed of the local
authority’s call to spruce up dilapidated structures that have become an eyesore.
Gweru City Council gave property owners and businesses three months to improve their structures
or risk demolition. The notice expires at the end of January.
The local authority said some of the buildings had become a danger to the public.
Acting Town Clerk Vakai Chikwekwe said the demolition of dilapidated buildings will commence next
In response to the councils call, renovations of buildings have been seen on several structures
including the former Lilian Fashions building which was renovated and changed into a flea market
which accommodates over 15 markets.
In an interview with one of the market owners renting at the building, Nyasha Nyamadzawo said the
development that was made at the building in response to the councils directive has helped many
people to work comfortably in buildings that are safe and strong.
This building used to accommodate the shop owner only but after the renovation it is now
accommodating a lot of people with flea markets and we are now able to sell our merchandise at a
safe place without having problems with the council or the police, she said.
Chikwekwe however noted that there are some building owners that have not yet taken any
The owners of buildings in a dilapidated and neglected state that are situated in the area bound by
Tongogara Avenue, First Street, Jason Moyo Avenue and Tenth Street are required in terms of
Section 35 of the Act as read with Chapter 2(Section 48 and 49) of the Model Building by-laws to
take the necessary corrective measures as regards face-lifting and sprucing up of their respective
buildings within a period of three months from date of public notice, said the acting Town Clerk.
Town Planner Tapiwa Marerwa said owners of the properties targeted for demolition have been
“We have been approached by various stakeholders pertaining to the state of our buildings in the
city. They are very bad. Most of them are generally not being maintained,” he said.
Marerwa noted that some of the buildings have been abandoned and are accommodating vagrants.

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