Hurungwe’s persistent water woes

By Rutendo Chigiya


HURUNGWE – VILLAGERS in some areas in Hurungwe East Constituency face a critical
shortage of safe drinking water.
The villagers in Ward 6, Nyangoma villages 5,6,7,8 and 9, do not have safe water for
The villages used to have boreholes but these have since stopped functioning.
They are now getting water from boreholes at the nearby Nyangoma Primary and Secondary
schools, which is sometimes restricted as the water will be used for the schools’ needs and other
various projects.
In an interview with Telegraph, villager Grobbler Mapuranga said that the shortage of a safe
water source had become the major problem in the area.
We do not have safe water to drink in our villages, even if we try to resolve the problem by
making contributions to drill new boreholes. We are facing problems and not everyone is able to
get the needed water, said Mapuranga.
During the dry season, the villagers experience shortage of drinking water for their livestock.
Forever Chinhema, one of the villagers, is concerned about the water challenges.
Munzvimbo yedu kuchera migodhi yemvura kunonetsa nokuti mvura yacho inonetsa kubata.
Pane vamwe vakambocheresa migodhi, asi nanhasi haibudi mvura chero ikave nguva yekunaya.
Instead of fetching water to drink from the river, right now we are getting clean and safe water
from the rainfall since we are in the rainy season," explained Chinhema.
The residents hope to benefit from the presidential borehole scheme and get several boreholes in
their area to ensure they have safe drinking water regularly.
Efforts to get a comment from Hurungwe Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Luke
Kalavina, over the issue were in vain as he did not respond to questions when approached.

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