Kwekwe embraces smart city concept

KWEKWE – Kwekwe City Council has lined up several Urban Renewal projects under the smart city
concept of bringing services closer to the people.
In Amaveni high density surbub, there are plans to construct an office park, bus terminus, shopping
centre and high rise residential flats at the District Administrator’s compound.
Kwekwe City Council Finance Committee chairperson Councillor Silas Mukaro said there is land
readily available for high rise buildings such as flats through the urban renewal and regeneration
In response to the drug abuse menace, the city is converting Amaveni beer hall into a drug
rehabilitation centre to assist our youths.
OK Bon Marche will be the anchor development supported by other developments in line with the
smart city concept.
“The City also has vast opportunities for expansion thereby creating employment opportunities for
the youths,” said Cllr. Mukaro.
In Mbizo, council plans to replace Mbizo 7 singles with high rise flats.
“Plans have been developed and discussions with potential partners are currently underway,” he
On infrastructure development as a result of the growth and expansion of the city, the local
authority will embark on water works rehabilitation, sewer rehabilitation upgrading, Mbizo 3 sewer
upgrading, Amaveni sewer upgrading, Mbizo 1 extension sewer upgrading.
Council will this year service 367 commercial stands, with 121 at the new CBD and Globe and
Phoenix Area, a departure from the previous thrust of servicing residential stands.
Some of the commercial stands ready for servicing are Mbizo 22 (24 stands), Mbizo 21 (26 stands).
Southwood extension (15 stands), Mbizo 18 extension (120 stands) and Mbizo 7 (61 home industry
There are also plans to build an amusement park. Council has also budgeted for the refurbishment
of Amaveni Stadium, Amaveni and Mbizo halls.

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