Let down by ZETDC, residents take matters into their hands

By Bathel Shuro


CHEGUTU – PFUPAJENA residents are taking matters into their own hands by repairing
electrical faults in their area. They claim that the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and
Distribution Company (ZETDC) is taking long to repair faults.
The residents said that they were hiring private contractors to deal which electrical faults because
ZETDC was taking too long before they could attend to the faults.
“The problem is not only that we are having faults, but the bigger problem is that this is
something that is occurring frequently. They (ZETDC) solve the fault today but in a short span
of time the same fault happens again.
“Instead yekuti magetsi adonhe on the main breaker repamba ari kudonha on the pole line,
chimwe chandisinganzwisise ndechekuti sei dzimwe nguva achidzima imba one and then
dzimwe dzinosara dzinawo whilst they share the same pole line,” said a resident in the area who
requested anonymity.
The residents said that when reports are made to the authority, they were put on an endlessly
long waiting list that takes forever for them to be attended to whilst they do not have power.
“People end up paying ZETDC employees to fix their faults without following proper structures.
Mostly people are paying anyone who did electrical engineering or has knowledge of how to fix
the problem.”
However, people have turned a deaf ear to the dangers associated with such conduct, as they are
ignoring the law, tampering with ZETDC property as well as endangering their lives because
there is a high level risk of electrocution.
Another resident added: “ZETDC is aware of this fault; they should fix it once and for all. They
know that they make us wait when we report so, when they fix the problem we don’t expect to
have the same problem again.
“Also when they come to fix the fault they just deal with the pole line, so how come other houses
remain powered whilst the others experience blackouts yet they share the same transformer?”
Residents suspect that the ZETDC employees are enjoying the money that residents give them to
fix these issues whilst they are putting the lives of the residents at risk.
“Our electrical gadgets are also at risk and if anything happens to them, we don’t receive any
compensation. At least they must consider that and genuinely address the matter,” said another
resident, who also refused to be named for fear of reprisals.
Efforts to get a comment from the power utility on the issue were in vain as the ZETDC Acting
Director of Communications, Prisca Utete, referred us to the Northern Region General

Manager Engineer Shepherd Dadi who referred us to Dr George Manyara, who did not respond
to questions by the time of publication.

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