Lupane Local Board drafts new by –laws.

Staff Writer


The government’s call for all local authorities to update their laws as most are using outdated by-
laws has resulted in Lupane Local Board (LLB) drafting new by-laws.
The LLB Town Secretary Fr Sibanda has invited members of the public, particularly residents of the
provincial capital, to visit the local authority offices to inspect the proposed by-laws.
“The Lupane Local Board has proposed to adopt the below listed draft by-laws for 2023. Copies of
the proposed draft by-laws will be opened for inspection at LLB offices stand number 250 during
working hours from 8am to 4pm weekdays,” said Sibanda in the statement.
Some of the proposed by-laws include, prohibition of use of commercial shops backroom for human
habitation, open space for worship, land use and natural resources, prohibition of smoking in
community halls, trading licence, regulation of derelict unoccupied and dangerous buildings,
abandoned vehicles and anti-littering.
The others are meant to regulate hawkers and vendors, management of pets such as dogs, cats and
snakes, proceeding of meetings, noise making, control of livestock, numbering of premises and
buildings, registering of premises, advertising and environment among others.
Local authorities have had problems in the past with open air churches, public meetings, and
environmental degradation as a result of human activity due to panning and stray animals and pets
which have been an eyesore to residents as well as a danger to motorists.

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