Makonde RDC urges Mhangura residents to pay rates

By Fortunate Gunde


MHANGURA – MAKONDE Rural District Council (RDC) has urged Mhangura residents to
pay their bills to enable it to offer adequate services after the rate payers were fuming over
uncollected garbage.
The personal assistant to the Council Chief Executive Officer, Norman Musora, in an interview
with this publication encouraged residents to pay up their bills as that was where the money for
service delivery came from mainly.
“Residents are supposed to pay in order to obtain a service, without that unfortunately council
has no other source from which to pay for the required service,” said Musora.
A resident, Bernadette Rangwani, said that the council had started collecting refuse in their
community but were doing it slowly.
“This is being done, possibly once a month, therefore they are not able to collect all the refuse
from the whole community, especially at the Bazaar Business Centre. This business centre is still
an area of concern. The place is really filthy,” she said.
Geoffrey Madangwe appreciated what the council was doing for them, but indicated that there
were some places where refuse had not been collected.
“Since they took long to collect the refuse, people were just littering everywhere. In Chebanga,
people dumped refuse near a public toilet and this continued until it was a huge heap. When the
council came to remove the refuse it took them about three hours, but they left without
finishing,” said Madangwe.
He added that if the place was left like that the refuse would become a breeding ground for
mosquitoes, and there were several people now who have suffered from Malaria as a result.

He was concerned that if the place was left like that, residents would be infected by dysentery,
typhoid, cholera and other diseases.
Rangwani said: “They are collecting this refuse vachingo simbirira nzvimbo dzinonyanyo
kurumidza kuonekwa leaving dziri mukati kati mema locations and also the outskirts like that.”
Walter Gwavava, however, applauded the council for the good work it is doing when residents
are not paying their bills.
“Makonde Rural District has been working hard on the issue of having a clean environment.
This can be seen by their refuse tractor going up and down collecting litter in the streets and from
business premises.”
Gwavava added that, residents have a duty to compliment the efforts by council and purchase
plastic bins so that they don’t throw litter everywhere.
Council has indicated that residents should play their part to ensure that it is able to provide
adequate services.

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