Man in court for torturing cheating wife

Staff Reporter


A 28-year-old Bindura man was recently arraigned before the Bindura Magistrates’ Court for
attempted murder after stabbing his wife and assaulting her.
Errormore Nyanhemwa of Chiwaridzo Phase 03 pleaded guilty when he appeared before
Bindura Magistrate Shingirai Mutiro, who remanded him to 31 January.
According to the State led by Tracy Dube, in the afternoon of 10 January and at 7085 Phase
03 Bindura, Nyanhemwa and the complainant arrived from their aunt’s place where they had
visited for counselling after the complainant cheated on her husband.
Nyanhemwa then ordered the complainant to pack her belongings since he was still accusing
her for having an extra marital affair. She obliged.
When complainant finished she went out of the house and proceeded to her parents but
Nyanhemwa called her back stating that she had forgotten some of her belongings.
She came back and when she was in the house Nyanhemwa locked the door and placed keys
into his pocket.
Nyanhemwa then said that he wanted to discipline the complainant and immediately placed a
kitchen knife on a gas stove and started to assault her with the heated knife.
The complainant screamed for help but nobody could get into the room as it was locked from
Nyanhemwa assaulted her all over the body severally with open hands, fists and booted feet.
He further stabbed her with a knife on the right hand palm, right leg and on left arm.
Nyanhemwa stopped assaulting her after he got tired and complainant sustained a swollen
face, deep cut on right hand palm, on the right upper limp, burnt left thigh and left arm and
painful body.
Nyanhemwa fled but was arrested after a chase by the police and the Chiwaridzo ZRP
attended and the complainant was taken to Bindura Hospital for medical examination and

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