Midlands farmers pledge support for President Mnangagwa

Praise Chenyedzai


GWERU — Farmers in the Midlands province on Thursday pledged to vote for Zanu PF leader
President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the forthcoming harmonised elections scheduled for either July
or August this year.
Thousands of farmers drawn from different districts in the Midlands province made the pledge at a
meeting held at the Zanu PF Gweru District Headquarters.
Addressing the farmers, Zanu PF Central Committee member Wellington Magura said farmers
should vote for President Mnangagwa as he was working tirelessly for farmers to benefit from
agricultural programmes being rolled out by the government.
You have all been using the land to farm and sustain your selves as well as the country s economy,
but it is vital that you realise that the land belongs to the State and the President, therefore we
should all go and vote for the Cde ED Mnangagwa for President so as to appreciate the effort that he
is putting for us all, he said.
Magura urged the farmers to defend their land and not allow opposition party members to grab
their land using offer letters.
I urge farmers not to give up their land to opportunists who want to deprive farmers of their right
to land ownership and I encourage all farmers facing such challenges to report to the party instantly
so that proper action can be taken, said Magura.
He noted that there are spies within the party structures who are pretending to be supporting
President Mnangagwa and the party but they have other intentions mainly aimed at destabilising
the party.
We have members in our midst who pretend to be supporting our vision but behind our back they
are trying to lure our supporters into supporting the opposition party.
“We don’t want political prostitutes in our party and our land, said the Zanu PF Central Committee
Zanu PF Gweru District Coordinating Committee chairperson Brown Ndlovu encouraged farmers to
take advantage of the Presidential Input Scheme to get seeds and fertilizer that will help them to
produce huge harvests and continue to sustain the countrys economy.
He said farmers should also use their influence to encourage youths in their areas to register to vote.
By 15 February, farmers and youths should have been done with voting registration so that we can
start preparing for the elections, he said.
Ndlovu said Zanu PF will carry out an audit programme on its members so that they have a correct
data base.

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