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Ilanga Provincial Newspapers

Plumtree parents lament drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies


PARENTS in Plumtree have expressed disdain over rampant drug abuse and several teen
pregnancies among the youths.
In separate interviews, the parents said substance abuse was the cause of several vices that the
youths in Plumtree were committing.
Todays children are no longer respectful. They are spending time on drugs. This has led to a
lot of regrettable social effects, such as hurting each other in fights, unwanted pregnancies
and STIs.
I do not blame the youths alone, but parents have not been as effective as they are supposed
to be through teaching their children sound morals,” said a parent who requested anonymity.
Another parent, who identified herself as S. Moyo said: We no longer feel comfortable with
our children because their behaviour has reached unprecedented levels. When you try to
reprimand them, they do not listen and talk about their ‘rights’.
“Another challenge is that some parents leave their children in the Diaspora with no parental
guidance, where they learn a lot of western misdemeanors, which is very risky.
Another parent said the festive season showed how wild some youths had become.
The festive season is a very good time, where different families visit each other. Children
then take advantage of that with some not sleeping at home. Some become disrespectful to
their elders. As I am speaking, there’s a high number of pupils who got unwanted
pregnancies during this festive season starting from Grade 7. That is just unbearable,” she
The consequences of drug abuse lead to poverty, single motherhood, robberies, prostitution
and risky sexual behaviour that fuels sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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