Province needs more schools, teachers

By David Adin


MASHONALAND Central needs more schools to meet the educational needs of the province, while
there is also a shortage of 20 teachers.
In an interview, the acting Provincial Education Director, Dr Themba Mangwiro, said that the
situation needed an urgent solution as the province required more schools since the population in
the province is increasing.
Secondary schools in the province were fewer compared to other provinces in Zimbabwe.
Dr Mangwiro said that for the province to effectively compete with other provinces, there was need
for more schools and teachers for both primary and secondary schools in the province.
“Some of teachers in the province are reportedly teaching overcrowded classes or two classes,
which is a depiction of the shortage of schools and teachers in Mashonaland Central. Some Form
Four learners are writing examinations at a school 20km away. We want them to learn and write
examinations from schools, a short distance from where they live.
“As a Ministry, we are working tirelessly to make sure schools are established in our province.
“Some teachers are being overloaded with work and this compromises the quality of education
being offered in the province. For example, in Manhenga, Muzarabani, Mbire among other remote
areas in the province, where issue of teachers and learning infrastructure should be improved.
“Schools are congested and they need to be decongested through the establishment of more
schools and increment in the number of staff, “said Dr Mangwiro.
Dr Mangwiro pointed out that, ”there is no full complement of staff in the province especially in the
remote areas where most of the teachers are ladies while most of them need to work nearer where
their spouses are working.
“We are also appealing to local authorities to avail more land for the establishment of schools in the
province since we are putting more emphasis on access to education.”
Dr Mangwiro warned that the Ministry was totally against paid extra lessons and was encouraging
parents to come to the Ministry if their children are encountering forced extra paid lessons from
their teachers.

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