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Ilanga Provincial Newspapers

Province praises Mohadi’s reappointment


MEMBERS of the ruling Zanu PF party from Matabeleland South Province have welcomed the
re-appointment of Kembo Campbell Mohadi as the party’s Second secretary.
Party members interviewed after the Zanu PF Provincial Co-ordinating Committee (PCC)
meeting in Gwanda recently said VP Mohadi is a leader to reckon with and of a good charisma.
Politburo member, Nicholas Nkomo, said it was an honour for the province to see VP Mohadi re-
appointed as the party’s Second Secretary once again.
He said Mohadi’s valuable input was important in developing the province.
Ward 9 Gwanda Municipality Councillor, Thulani Moyo, echoed similar sentiments saying
experience was the best teacher hence as juniors they would follow in Mohadi’s footsteps.
“As party members, we are very grateful for the re-appointment of ubaba uMohadi especially
considering his hard work and sacrifices he made for the success of this province and country.
“Above all, we would like to recognise and respect the decision made by His Excellency,
President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his peers for re-installing ubaba uMohadi back.
“His political history is all over the walls for everyone to read and it is no secret that he played a
pivotal role during the liberation struggle, which brought about the independence of this country.
“Ubaba uMohadi is also one of the pioneers of the unity accord which brings us together despite
our ethnic differences,” said Cllr Moyo as he thanked President Mnangagwa for recognising the
Matabeleland South veteran politician.

During his Keynote address at a PCC meeting over the weekend, VP Mohadi urged the
leadership of Matabeleland South to take the party back to its glorious days of a clean sweep of
all parliamentary seats in the province.
“We have been chanting the slogan ‘2023 — ED Pfee’ and now we are in the year which we
have been chanting about for the past five years. In that slogan we promised ourselves as Zanu
PF and the entire electorate that we are going to garner more than five million votes for our
President. The reason being that in 2018 we really didn’t do well especially when it came to the
Presidential elections.
“Yes, we did well in the parliamentary elections as we had a two-thirds majority, but when it
came to the Presidential elections we didn’t do very well. Comparing with how we faired in the
year 2018 versus the year 2013 we definitely slept on the job in 2018. “We had a narrow victory
against the opposition in 2018. Our figures in 2018 grew by just 300 000 votes from the 2013
elections. This didn’t go well with some of us,” he said.
Mohadi said all structures within the party from Central Committee level right down to the cells
had a duty to ensure that the five million votes target was achieved. He said this had to be done
through intense mobilisation and recruitment of people into the party structures.
He said the party had to remain united so that the mobilisation process could yield the desired

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