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Chaminuka Provincial Newspapers

Troublesome male nurse, now domiciled kuChando


Yes, your favourite column is back by public demand, and the Gossiper would like to assure
you our valued readers that we are back for good and back with a bang.
This lecturer will never cease to amaze the Gossiper. Last year he and his crew were given a
life ban from patronising that upstairs bar in town due to their unbecoming behavior. The
lecturer’s behavior is very inconsistent with his status, because we expect such people
whom we consider to be educated to lead by example. He just loves beer, not only beer, but
anything chinongodhaka including the unpopular Mushwilaz, yes I mean Tumbwa. He is now
a permanent feature at the former cimena-turned bar where he will never miss an
opportunity to taste the so-called waters of wisdom, although he is one person who is never
wise after gulping them.
The pompous Nyameni-based male nurse has now joined the great track kuenda kuChando.
Nyameni shops will never be the same without him. He is known for pretending to be a
mbinga when he was just a nobody zvake. When he was selling chickens, hanzi kwaive
kutotsvaka cash yekubaya nayo. Pompous as he is, plus kuda kuita mbinga, word is that
when he comes back, people will see fire vanoona moto.
What is happening with this man from VID? He loves his green bottle, but loving green
bottle is not a big issue, the matter arises when one starts talking to himself after taking one
too many. He normally frequents paTaguta in the industrial area, not far away from his work
place, then from there he heads straight to Nyameni where to everyone’s surprise, the man
will be talking to himself. The Gossiper also has it on good record that after pocketing

money from motorists on the road, the money does not reach home, instead, after taking
the green bottle, he hides the green bucks musango before going home, fearing that
madam will take it if it gets home. Vakomanaka! This fine Saturday morning, imbibers at
that watering hole near the grinding mill at Nyameni were shocked when they saw him
retrieving the green bucks from underneath a stone just where they were sitting. Hanzi it
was almost a cool US$500.
Where is this guy? He used to do most of the photocopying, printing, taking passport photos
and other related activities in town whilst pocketing good money in the process. There were
several hangers on who were seen frequenting his place, some with white collar jobs in
town. The purpose of their visit at the guy’s workplace was that they wanted him to buy
them tuma dollar for two. His workplace had been turned into a mini shebeen until he was
given his marching orders by the landlady after failing to pay his rentals.
Guys ndimi makabrokesa munhu he is not suffering. The last time the Gossiper met him, he
was shabbily dressed with all his hair and beards having turned gray. He also became a beer
slave. What shocked the Gossiper though was how his hair suddenly changed colour the
minute he hit hard times. Looks like he can no longer afford a hair cut. Guys musadaro so.
The lecturer is one of the persons who contributed to this guy’s downfall.
Until next week, it’s good bye for now.

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