Villager tells off headman

By Chenjerai Gumbeze


MHONDORO-NGEZI -A man, claiming to come from an elite clan that holds the chieftainship in
Mhondoro-Ngezi, an area which stretches from Mhondoro to Kadoma, has defied a local headman in his
area by refusing to appear before him, after being summoned.
Tafadzwa Musonza, who says he is of the Ngezi clan, is under headman John Musemesi, in Chief
Benhura’s area. He has vowed never to listen to the sub-chief claiming that his uncle is Chief Ngezi, born
Peter Pasipamire and is the Mupamombe substantive chief.
Musonza reportedly declared that he could not fall under any other person with the exception of
Senator Pasipamire.
Villagers say that Musonza has become a problem among the villagers as he does whatever he likes
under the alleged cover of Chief Ngezi.
Musonza refused to attend headman Musemesi’s court after he was summoned to appear. The
summons follow the destruction of one villager’s field crops by Musonza’s livestock.
“Who has those powers to summon me to appear in that useless Kangaroo court? Don’t you know that I
am from the elite clan under my uncle Chief Ngezi? Handitongwe nasabhuku ini, enda unomhan’ara
kwamambo chaiko,” Musonza reportedly told the headman.
The headman said that he would report Musonza to Chief Benhura for disregarding his orders to appear
before his court. Musonza is also going to answer charges that his cattle grazed and totally destroyed
another villager’s maize field.
“I am going with him to Chief Benhura to answer charges of disregarding my orders. If I summon
someone to court he or she must come not start waffling as Musonza is doing. The chief knows that I am
here to tackle some of the minor village issues.
“Mwana washe muranda kumwe saka Musonza anofanira kuzviziva izvozvo,” said headman Musemesi.
It is not the first time that Musonza has disrespected the headman. Last time he reportedly threatened
to beat Headman Musemesi for intervening in a dispute between him and his wife. The headman was
called all sorts of names.

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