Woman assaults stepfather

Staff Reporter

A 20-year-old Bindura woman from Mapunga compound recently appeared before Bindura
Magistrates’ Court facing allegations of assaulting her stepfather on 15 January.
For the state, Prosecutor Sheila Maribha confirmed that at around 9pm the same day, Shaini
Chadodoma, who is Jenny Sigauke's stepfather, arrived home from drinking beer and asked
his wife, Irene Gutu, why she had not prepared supper since she had already bought the
This did not go well with Sigauke, who already appeared drunk on the very day.
Sigauke started to shout at her stepfather and assaulted him because of the manner in which
he had addressed his wife, Sigauke’s mother.
Sigauke left the kitchen in which Chadodoma together with his wife were in and headed for
her sleeping quarters.
Chadodoma followed her to her wanting to know the reason behind all the shouting he had
endured from her.
Unfortunately, upon his arrival Sigauke struck him with an iron hoe twice on the head, once
on the shoulder and on the arm.
The Chadodoma escaped with his life from the scene but sustained deep cuts on the head,
shoulder and the arm.
Magistrate Samantha Dhlamini remanded the matter to the 31 January for sentence.

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