Youths encouraged to utilise land through agric projects

Praise Chenyedzai


MVUMA — Youths have been encouraged to use land by partaking various agricultural projects so
that the agricultural sector in the Midlands province grows.
This was said by the president of the Apex Council for Youth and Agriculture in Zimbabwe and
director of 4-H Organisation John Muchenje during his presentation at a business and farmers
workshop held in Mvuma recently.
Muchenje emphasised on the need for youths to utilise the land and come up with sustainable
projects since Zimbabwe is an agro-based nation.
He said youths need to develop groups and consortiums so that they can endevour to achieve
mainstream economic projects collectively.
''We as the 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation, we have established school gardens in various parts of
Zimbabwe aiming at imparting agricultural business skills to school children under the theme, Learn
by doing,'' said Muchenje.
Also, 4-H Zimbabwe has established nutritious community gardens in marginalised and less
privileged areas including Hwahwa Prison where inmates learn agriculture and skills as well as food
The organisation, together with some well-wishers, established a community garden at Jairos Jiri
institution in Mvuma for people living with disabilities to help them improve food security, impart
knowledge and sustain their livelihoods.
''I urge all youths to join in the projects being established by different agriculture based
organisations so that they will be equipped with knowledge on how to use land,'' he said.
The 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation president encouraged farmers to incorporate youths in their
respective areas and teach them agricultural projects, citing that the empowerment of youths
reduces cases of drug abuse and early child marriages.
In an interview with The Times, Regges Mubaya and Timothy Chimedza, who are also the owners of
a consultancy company Dominance International Incorporated, said their agenda is to empower
youths with skills and knowledge on various businesses but most importantly on farming and
agricultural projects.
Our doors are open and we wish to work with youths and different organisations so that youths in
Zimbabwe can be uplifted and empowered to help the Government reach the upper middle-income
economy by 2030,'' said Mubaya.
Chimedza added that there is also need for local youths to establish business group structures in
order to ensure that business concerns are addressed and that they may have a facility for business
proposal creation, project funding among other issues.

One of the youths present at the workshop Tatenda Maraidze expressed her gratitude for the efforts
being made by different organisations in empowering them.
“The workshop really helped me to attain education and confidence to engage in agricultural
projects,” she said.
Organisations that attended the workshop include Mupakazvinake Farmers Group, Business
Connect, Echelon Trust Youth Empowerment Organisation as well as farmers and youths from
around Mvuma.

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