Exports value rose by 34 percent in November 2022-ZIMSTAT


Bulawayo (New Ziana)-The value of Zimbabwean exports increased by 34.7 percent from US$498.5 in October last year to US$671.3 million in November, the Zimbabwe Statistics Agency (ZIMSTATS) has said.

ZIMSTATS director general Taguma Mahonde said this while presenting highlights of external trade which the agency produced during the month of November and December last year.

Mahonde said total imports for November 2022 were US$797.9 million, representing a 5.2 percent increase from US$758.8 million reported in October 2022.

“The trade deficit for November 2022 was US$126.7 million. This represents a decrease of 51.3 percent from a deficit of US$260.3 million recorded in October 2022,” he said.

He said the main exports were industrial supplies at 93.9 percent followed by lubricants with 2.4 percent.

“Exports of industrial supplies were on US$453.86 million in October and surged to US$630.47 million in November. Total exports including fuel lubricants, capital goods, transport equipment, food and beverages rose from US$498.49 million in October to US$671.27 million in November. This translates to a 100 percent increase,” he said.

Main imports were industrial supplies at 31.3 percent followed by capital goods excluding transport equipment at 26.6 percent.

Capital goods imports were US$176.05 million (23.20 percent) in October compared to US$212,57 million (26.63 percent) in November.

“Industrial supplies were US$252.64 in October and decreased to US$249.77 in November. The total for imports was US$758.79 in October and rose to US$797.94 in November, representing 100 percent increase,” Mahonde said.

He said the main exports for November were semi manufactured gold at 27,4 percent followed by tobacco which was at 24,9 percent while the main imports were machinery and appliances at 17.9 percent followed by mineral fuel at 14.3 percent.

“Zimbabwe`s major exports in November 2022 were semi manufactured gold (27.4 percent), nickel ore concentrates (14.9 percent), tobacco (24.9 percent), nickel matte (14.9 percent), ferro chromium (3.1 percent), industrial diamonds (1.2 percent), coke and semi coke coal (2.1 percent), platinum unwrought powder (2.1 percent) and cotton (1.0 percent),” said Mahonde.

Other major imports in November included mineral fuel and mineral oil products (14.3 percent), machinery and mechanical appliances (17.9 percent), vehicles (7.9 percent), fertilisers (6.8 percent), electrical machinery and equipment (7.2 percent), plastics (3.7 percent), animal and vegetable oil (3.6 percent), cereals (4.5 percent), articles of Iron and Steel (3.5 percent) and Iron and Steel (3.9 percent).

Main export destinations in November were South Africa (46.8 percent) and the United Arab Emirates (28.8 percent), said Mahonde.

“The total value of exports in October to South Africa were US$178.48 in October and increased to US$313.183 million in November while exports to AUE were US$192 million in October and US$189.94 in October,” he said.

The country`s main sources for imports were South Africa (40.9 percent) and China (16.6 percent).

Imports from South Africa were US$292.71 million in October and surged to US$326.33 in November while from China they were at US$119.64 in October and dropped to US$132.27 in November 2022, said Mahonde.

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